Sunday, 10 November 2013

I Decide What I Become: A Book for Teenagers and Young Adults by Dexter Roger Emrit


When I first saw this book at the library I picked it up because of the title. I was having problems deciding what to do with my life and this book called to me. After I'd read about 100 pages in I realized that this book is from a Trinidadian author, if I had known this before I'd read it I probably wouldn't have given it a second glance. I've had a conviction in my head that most West Indian books are difficult to understand because of the excess use of 'slang', and I'm from the Caribbean! Not this book! It's easy to read, understandable and most of all helpful.
I'd been stumbling around aimlessly before I found this God-send. It showed me a variety of things from the importance of family (this section nearly made me cry!) to the qualities of a great leader. It saved me from a lifetime of mere existence and gave me the courage to do what I've always wanted to do; become a writer.
This book is definitely worth the price, in fact, I think it is invaluable. It will change your life!
The only words that are necessary now are: Thank you Uncle Dex for taking the time and effort to write this masterpiece. Everyone should read it at least once in their lifetime.

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