Sunday, 15 December 2013

Review No. 3; Slide by Michelle Congdon

 First thing's first, I signed up to be a part of the promotional tour of this book as a reviewer and received a free copy of the book for review. Well, let's get on with it.

Short Description:
 Evangeline is a girl haunted by her past, Ryan is a man who seems perfect in every way but hides a deep, dark secret behind his cheerful facade. These unfortunate souls meet and it's fate. Evangeline wants to become invisible but Ryan basks in the spotlight. They are two very different souls, the complete opposite of the other. Will their differences make them fuse together like the puzzle pieces that fit each other or will they tear them apart forever?

 The Setting:
 I've never been to New York City but the descriptions in this amazing book had me believing I was actually in the heart of this bustling city. I enjoyed the feeling of being in this completely foreign but familiar world.

 The Story: 
  The plot was well developed, sometime it was predictable but other times it blew my mind away. It was a really short book, only 250 pages, and as such I flew through it in two days. I would say it was a light, funny, quick read but I'd be lying. It was certainly quick but there was nothing light or funny about it, this book deals with serious issues and has some really dark parts. I found myself struggling to finish the last 150 pages of it. It annoyed me so badly at a certain point that I really wanted to be doing anything but reading this book at that time. However, the ending was worth the fight to finish the novel. It was satisfying to say the least. I should warn you that this is a book for 18+ and contains some mature scenes (sex scenes), so if you're not comfortable with that kind of thing I wouldn't recommend it. 

The Main Characters:
 Evangeline- A first she was really relatable and I enjoyed being inside her head but then she started doing a bunch of things I didn't approve of and I became irritated with her. She's one of those characters you love and hate at the same time.

 Ryan- He's a sweetheart. I felt as if I was inside his head instead of Evangeline most of the time. That's really strange because this is from her point of view. Anyway, I loved him from the moment I met him and continued to adore him until the very end. He was wonderfully written.

 I enjoyed the first approximately 100 pages, the story was 5/5 stars at that point and then the rest happened. The rating went downhill from there. Taking into account the setting, the story and the characters, I've decided that this one gets 3 out of 5 stars. Not one of my favorite and I'm probably never going to read it again but it still had some good points.

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