Saturday, 8 March 2014

Review No. 5: Matched by Ally Condie

Description:   The Society controls everything; the school you attend, the food you eat, the exercises you do, the person you marry, the age you must have children even when you die. They control everything.
                       Cassia has just been to her Match Banquet, she is matched to her best friend. Xander, and she believes that the society is absolutely right in the choice of her life partner. Until she catches a glimpse of another boy on the Microcard that was supposed to hold the information about her match. She sees the possibility of another match and it sets her heart on fire. She begins to doubt the Society and their Methods of keeping everyone safe.

What I think about it: This novel was breathtaking! The book was glued to my hands from beginning to end. I went into it looking for a good dystopian romance story and that's exactly what I got! The synopsis on the back of it was somewhat misleading but, instead of feeling let down, I was anxious to see where the story would go. It was slow at times but I prefer this to the insta-love that's running rampant in YA. It made the story a little more believable.
                                      I could not help but compare Matched with Delirium by Lauren Oliver. For those of you who have read Delirium and Matched, you know how the worlds seem similar at some points. There is one major difference; the writing styles were completely different. Delirium was beautifully written, there is no doubt about that, but I craved more for Matched. They are both very different and ,as a result, are both amazing stories in their own right. We're not here to talk about Delirium, if you want to know more of my thoughts on that you can scroll down to my review of Delirium.

Character Analysis: As always, some of the characters will not appear on this list. They are all important but if I were to talk about every character we'd be here until night fall. I'm only going to describe the main characters.

Cassia- A law-abiding citizen who is satisfied with the life that the Society gives her. There is no reason to fight the Society, they give her family everything they need to survive. This is the kind of person Cassia is; she doesn't question the society. After meeting and getting to know Ky, she starts to change.

Xander- He's Cassia's best friend; the perfect person ever. Complete with blue eyes and blonde hair. He's in love with Cassia and wants her to be happy. He's kind and loving and he knows her better than everyone else. Or so he thought.

Ky- The guy who's surrounded by mystery. He likes to hide in the shadows (figuratively). Is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? Does he like Cassia? Does he hate Cassia? No one knows, you'll have to read it to find out more about this wildcard character.

Conclusion: 5/5 stars. Absolutely stunning and addictive. I need to read the sequel as soon as possible!

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