Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Review No. 19: A Sudden Light - Garth Stein

Genre: Gothic / Fantasy / YA

Edition: ebook

No. of Pages: 400

Expected publication date:  
30th September 2014

Published by: Simon & Schuster UK

Source: Netgalley

Series?: No

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Description: Trevor Riddell is a 14 year old boy (in the summer of 1990) who is trying to bring his parents back together after they decided to 'take a break'. His father dragged him along to 'visit' his sick grandfather at Riddell House, the legendary family mansion. Things are not what they seem at Riddell House, however, and Trevor  strives to uncover the centuries of secrets buried within its walls. Are there really ghosts in this mansion or has Trevor's mind snapped under the stress of his parents' impending divorce? Read it to find out.

What I think about it: From the beginning, this story is surrounded by a melancholic vibe. Equal parts terrifying and entertaining, it entrances the reader with its special magic. There are some points in the story where the main characters do things that are very irritating but for the most part they're alright. The story is well paced, it doesn't move too fast and it's not so slow that it bores the reader either. By the end of it all, the characters and their unique stories have taken a hold of your mind and invaded your heart. I loved it, even though it tore my heart to shreds.

Character Analysis: (I am not going in to every character, that would take ages! And has the potential to spoil the story.)
Trevor- A.K.A. Clever Trevor. Ah, Trevor........such a simple yet stunning character. I liked him for most of it. He went through quite a journey and came out a changed person (in other words, his character development was amazing).

Serena- I disliked her as soon as we met her.  Her character hits my morals the wrong way and I can't like her.

Ben- I admired him a lot. He did scare me for the first half of the novel, then he grew on me. But I think I did adore Harry more than him.

Conclusion: 4.5/5 stars. This is one of those stories, it's gonna be in my mind for months to come.

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