Friday, 31 July 2015

Review No.27: Hush - Stacey R. Campbell

Genre: YA / Romance / Contemporary

Edition: ebook

No. of Pages: 278

Published on: January 23rd 2013

Published by: Green Darner Press

Source: CBB Book Promotions

Series?: Lakeview #1

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Description: Blakely Henry is a normal teenager who happens to be an adopted child. She gave up on finding her birth parents a long time ago. However, the new transfer student knows more about her than he's willing to tell.
                     After the tragedy that claimed the lives of the royal family of Tamura, Max discovers evidence that could lead him to the lost heir to the throne. He travels halfway around the world to investigate his leads. However, things get complicated when Max begins to fall for the subject of his research.

What I Think About It: It ended so quickly that I didn't notice when I reached the last page.
  "'s ended......." I thought like this, at that time. "Why? Why did it end? Where's the rest of it?"
 I was expecting it to be longer, as you can tell.
 After a certain point, I felt as if things were just speeding up. I mean, we were being told things instead of shown. I didn't really like that. I also could not decide if I loved the main characters or hated them. They were so annoying at time!
 Nevertheless, it was a cute fairytale like read and I quite liked it.

In Conclusion: 3.5 / 5 STARS!! It vexed me at times but it was still a good story.

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