Thursday, 24 April 2014

Review No. 9: Inkheart - Cornelia Funke

  Genre: Middle-Grade/YA Fantasy
  Edition: Paperback
  No. of Pages: 548
  Source: My Personal Library
  Series:  The Inkworld Trilogy  

Description: Inkheart is the first book in The Inkworld Trilogy by Cornelia Funke. The story centres around Meggie and her father, Mo. One night Mo reads aloud from a book and a few of the characters slip out of the pages. Nine years later, Meggie must face things she never believed existed outside of stories.

What I think about it: I've re-read this book about half of a dozen times already and each time I read it I feel as if I'm coming home again. The pages welcome me like a long lost friend. The story goes at a pace that suits it best, it's not fast but it's not slow either. The setting was also fabulously written, I felt as if I could really see the mountains surrounding Capricorn's village. The writing is entrancing, I loved every minute of it. Even the parts filled with fear and worry!

Character Analysis:

Meggie- She's the 12 year-old daughter of Mo. She loves her father to pieces. She loves him even more than her books and that's saying something since she likes to read so much. She was a really easy character to relate to and I really adored her bravery.

Mo- As I mentioned before, he's Meggie's father. He's a single parent who is absolutely besotted with his daughter. She's his world. Mo has the ability to 'read' characters out of books. He lures them out of their stories with his voice alone. He's known as Silvertongue to the characters he pulled out of their book.

Elinor- She's Meggie's Great Aunt. Elinor owns a huge library that goes throughout her entire house. I would love to have a library that big. Wouldn't we all? I don't think she's read all of them, she's more of a book collector than a regular bookworm (or book lion).

Dustfinger- That's a strange name, isn't it? Well, Dustfinger is one of the characters that Mo accidently read out of a book. He's shrouded in mystery and he puts on a brave face but he's a coward at heart. I think I loved him more than any of the other characters in this book.

Basta- He's one of the villains that came out of the book. He's short tempered and quick to draw his knife. But he has one weakness, he's the most superstitious character I've ever met.

Capricorn- The evil, evil dude of this book. He's also one of the villains who came out of his own story.  I don't think you'd ever want to meet him in the dark of night, that's for sure. He has no sympathy, in fact, I don't think he can feel emotions at all. He's absolutely heartless.

Conclusion: 5/5 stars. This story had magic touch its core. A kind of magic that pulls the reader in completely. I must continue with this trilogy as soon as possible.

Check out my video review of Inkheart.

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