Saturday, 26 April 2014

Review No.10: The Golden Apple - Michelle Diener

      Genre: Fantasy
      Edition: E-book
      No. of Pages: 298
      Source: Netgalley
      Series?: I don't know if this will be a series but there is going to be a second book; The Silver Pear.

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Description: Kayla's father, the King, makes her the prize in a deadly tournament to win her hand in marriage and a Golden Apple that can heal any injury. The Golden Apple is the ransom Rane must pay in order to save his brother from Jasper, the man who holds his brother captive. It's a trap. Kayla must go on a dangerous quest with her betrothed through a forest filled with wild magic. Will they stay alive long enough to have their happily ever after?

What I think about it: So this story is loosely based on the fairy tale The Princess on the Glass Hill. I've never heard of this story before and ,therefore, I am unfamiliar with the basics of the tale. I don't intend to read it any time soon as it might trouble my view on this novel. The story was wonderful, it was beautifully written and the plot was well executed. I enjoyed it while it lasted, it was after all a short book and I flew through it quite quickly. The magic system in this book was interesting and I was fairly creeped out for the first few chapters. Basically, when magicians use magic in this world they leave behind a residue in the aftermath of their spell work. This residue is called Wild Magic and it is true to it's name, it's an unpredictable almost sentient being that changes the way of nature. Absolutely fascinating.

Character Analysis:

Kayla- She's not your average spoilt princess. This girl has some fire in her soul, she's passionate and stubborn and also kind. She's the superwoman in this book but she feels her share of fear.

Rane- He's the typical male hero with honor issues but he's also so much more than that. He's a worry wart. He cares for Kayla but he seems to be a heartless person. The mystery of his personality is something that needs to be untangled while you read the book.

Eric the Bold- An evil sorcerer who is using Kayla and Rane for his own purposes. He is one of those villains you just hate with a passion. I really can't stand him and I'd bet you wouldn't be able to either.

Conclusion: 4.5/5 Stars. It was captivating. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel when it's published.

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